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After a LONG hiatus, I have decided to start blogging again.
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:: May 04, 2004 ::

I realize that this blog has had a lot of hockey entries, but what can I say, it's my favorite sport...

Anyway, today as an awfully depressing day in Red Wings-land. The Wings got eliminated by Calgary last night (so much for staying up to watch the game in its entirety, only to see them loss with :47 left in OT). The media is talking that Wings management will most likely start to dismantle the team. A lock-out still looms for NHL. Steve Yzerman's future is in question because of the puck to the eye in Game 5 (how much would that suck if that play does indeed become the last one of his career).

I wonder how much the NHL is (sacastically) "loving" the next round match-ups (and the potential Stanley Cup match-ups, from that matter). Not to say that San Jose, Calgary, Tampa Bay, and Philadelphia aren't good teams (because they are and deserve to be playing in the Conference Finals), but I am sure that the NHL Media Department aren't saying, "That San Jose-Calgary match-up. That will draw more interest from people to the game of hockey outside of their respective cities." I mean, can most people outside of San Jose name more than three Sharks from off the top of their head?

Anyway, now that Detroit is out of the playoffs, I think that I am now rooting for Tampa Bay to will the Cup (although I probably jinxed the Lightnings chances now that I said that).
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:: April 20, 2004 ::
Yesterday, I had the change to cut my own grass for the first time since I moved into the new house. I cannot say why I enjoyed it so much, but I had a sense of fulfillment after I was done. Go figure.
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As I watch the Vancouver-Calgary game, waiting to see who the Red Wings will play in the next round, I am torn. Do I want Calgary to win, knowing the Wings would have an easier match-up with them rather than Colorado? Or do I want Vancouver to win, because Vancouver is my second favorite team in the NHL? Or would it be best to play Colorado in the second round, knowing that the Wings are realitively healthy right now, but how knows how healthy they would be after a physical series with the Flames? Ah, the nuances of the playoffs.
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:: April 13, 2004 ::
Is anyone looking for a mortgage with rates lower than a snake's ass in a wagon rut?
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:: April 09, 2004 ::
As I wait for my fiance to get ready, I started to read the latest edition from ESPN Page 2'sThe Sports Guy. VEGAS, BABY, VEGAS. I wish I was there.
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For those of you who may come across this link, I am still in the process of getting back into blogging. I used to blog regularly, but because of other commitments, I have not had the time to do so. So, until I get used to blogging again, do not expect too much from this blog (not that I was trying to give substance to it). Besides, this was more a forum for my friends and I to discuss the stupid things that may come through my head. But, anyone out there is more than welcome to join in.

One more thing, I am a horrible speller and I have a problem with grammar when I type. That is, a sentence may make sense in my head, but when I type, the sentence may be different. Sorry about that. I will correct them as I run across them.

Anyway, welcome to my site (although it will probably change more over the next few weeks).
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:: April 08, 2004 ::
I got the change to be at the Red Wings game last night (my co-worker had extra tickets to my company's suite available), and it was awesome. Every year, even though it is the same pre-game festivities (more or less), I love seeing the team hit the ice for the first time to do their pre-game skate. And, the fact that the Wings were able to pull out the win made it that much better.

My only problem is when I started to hear the "fans" at Joe Louis Arena complain when Detroit was down 1-0 after 16 seconds into the game. Even sitting in the suite level (each suite holds up to 20 people each, so my "fan" base is limited), you can hear the people jump off the band-wagon. "Here comes Anaheim again." "The Wings won't win the Cup with play like that." "Vokoun is going to be this year's Guigure". I say, if you jumped off the band-wagon after 16 seconds of a 60-minute game, stay off. Let the rest of us enjoy the game.

Oh, yeah, one more thing, "GO WINGS!!!"
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:: April 06, 2004 ::
I am excited to see that the NHL playoffs start up again tomorrow night. I think Art Regner says it best when he says, "GO WINGS!!!"
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Anyway, I can finally say that the kitchen and living rooms are finally complete (with some minor exceptions). And it only took me six months to complete them.
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Hi, all.

After a long hiatus (and a plea from "John" to blog again), I have decided to start to blog again. Although only three people will probably read this (and all three know who I am), here we go again...
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:: June 25, 2003 ::
I can understand wanting memorabilia of a celebrity, but how can anyone bid $99.9 million for Eminem's old home in Sterling Heights, Michigan? It's mind-boggling to think that anybody would even consider paying that much for a home, even as a joke. Don't get me wrong, I like Eminem, but $99.9 million??? I'm not even sure why I am getting so worked up about this. I guess it's because the bid was so outrageous, it just gets to me.
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:: June 12, 2003 ::
I got back from Atlanta late last night. Driving through downtown Atlanta sucks. There are 8 lanes over a 10 mile stretch, and the only one was moving moving faster than 25 miles per hour (that was the carpool lane, which nobody uses).

Flying back home was not any more pleasant. I got to the airport at about 5:00. My original flight was at 7:55, so I asked the ticket counter for an earlier flight. They told me that the 6:05 was still available, so I re-booked to fly that flight. I ran to the terminal and got to the gate at 5:55 (editor's note: Atlanta's airport is way too big), thinking that they probably began boarding. The incoming plane was 15 minutes delayed. So, when I finally boarded, it was 6:15. At 6:25 the plane began to taxi. At 6:30, the pilot came on to tell us that the other tower was delaying planes from taking off, and that it would be another 15-20 delay. At about 6:45, a storm came through, and the pilot told us that it would be an additional 30-45 minute delay to let the storm pass through. At about 7:20, the plane finally took off. So, me trying to get home two hours early, ended up being only about a little more than half an hour.

And to think that if I were able to fly out of Greenville, I would have been in the air at 4:15 instead of 7:20. Yet other reason why this trip angered me.
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:: June 09, 2003 ::
How much is my time worth? Well, that was answered by my boss late last week.

In a few hours, I will be traveling on business in South Carolina. It was a last-minute trip requested by my customer and pushed for by my manufacturing plant in South Carolina. So, I was originally scheduled to fly out directly to Greenville, SC. However, my manager balked at the $900 price tag for the ticket. So, he "asked" me to investigate flying into Atlanta. It ended up being $400 cheater. However, I need to fly out tonight, spend a night in Atlanta, drive to South Carolina tomorrow morning (about three hours away), pick up my customer from the Greenville, SC, airport, conduct the plant meetings (through Wednesday at noon), drop off my customer at the Greenville airport, drive back to Atlanta, and catch a flight for home. All to save $400 dollars (minus the cost of a extra night for hotel and extra day for rental car and gas).
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:: May 15, 2003 ::
I am finding that I am increasingly impatient with stupid people on the roads these days. My biggest complaint today: People who do not understand the concept of turning lanes. Complaint of the day #2: People who not understand the concept that slower cars (i.e. cars that drive speed limit or slower) have no business being in the left two most lanes.
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The worst feeling in the world of the goaltender: Losing 1-0 to the last-place team in the league (the goal-scorer was the best player on the ice, but I still believe that I could have made that save). I know exactly how and Marty Turco and Cujo both must feel.
The best feeling in the world of the goaltender: Taking away a sure goal from a player that is leagues better than you (this happened on Saturday, when the goal-scorer mentioned above had another breakaway, made a great deke on me, saw the open net, than shot the puck into my glove as I stretched to recover in time). I know exactly how Jean-Sebatian Guigere must feels.
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This seems to be a pattern for me. Two stressful weeks of work, then one day to blog. Oh, well here are my new thoughts...
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:: April 29, 2003 ::
In potentially happy news, Patrick "Wah" Roy may be retiring. I wonder if he is really retiring, or if it is just a ploy so that he can buy a team, and un-retire so that he can play for them (like Michael Jordan and Mario Lemieux). Also, it makes me wonder if this means the Red Wings will never win a Stanly Cup again (a la Russ's theory on fighting Roy). I guess Cujo could always just find him on the street, or in a old-timer's game, etc.
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:: April 24, 2003 ::
And just when I thought I had a shot...

(From IMDB.com): Newly-single actress Jennifer Garner and Michael Vartan have been spotted looking "like a couple" at a Hollywood party - intensifying speculation the two are now an item. Garner, who recently split from her husband Scott Foley, and her Alias co-star Vartan attended a wrap party for their show at the Sunset Room on April 18. Eyewitnesses say Vartan, 34, arrived five minutes before Garner, and shortly after she got there, "Vartan went up to her from behind and put his hands around her midriff." The partygoer tells American magazine Us Weekly that Garner, 31, and Vartan spent much of the evening together in a booth. The source continues, "Garner turned and kissed the side of Vartan's face." The pair were also spotted five days earlier at Los Angeles' Lark Sound Studios, where Garner brought the French-born actor to help her dub a French- language voiceover for an upcoming Alias video game. A witness says Vartan "put his arm around her shoulders" as they lounged together on a couch.
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300 reasons why we love The Simpsons!
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One question about the episode of The West Wing last night: Why is Matthew Perry the next Ainsley Hayes?
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:: April 23, 2003 ::
When I went prom, I got was a champaign glass (two if you count both years I went). This year, a school gave prom-goers shot glasses and beer mugs. How cool what that be?
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Stupid people on the road are beginning to annoy me. OK, so I was always annoyed by them, but lately it seems to more than normal. For instance, I was driving toward a traffic light (where I have the green light), when a car at the red light turns into the lane that I was in. I had plenty of light to react and slow down, so (I thought) there was no problem. When the guy proceeds to go 10 miles UNDER the speed limit. If you were in such a hurry to turn on a red light, why do not go the speed limit down the road???

Stupid people suck!
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:: April 22, 2003 ::
My horoscope for the week: Do not push yourself if you do not have the drive.

I guess I'm not going to get anything done for the rest of the week.
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:: April 21, 2003 ::
If you have not noticed, I added a new blog to my list. It is the new blog of my younger brother (I withheld the name just in case he is trying to avoid using it on his site on purpose). In any case, his blog is http://dreistul.blogspot.com/
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:: April 17, 2003 ::
For the first time since graduation, I went back to watch a high school soccer game. It is good to see that old staples like Mr. Tabar in the announcing booth and Mr. Hidad in the stands were still around. Plus, the alma mater (Athens)beat Troy High, 2-0. The only problem was that it was soooooo cold. Anyhow, go Hawks!
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:: April 15, 2003 ::
So, anyway, I woke up this morning and turned on Sportcenter to find out how the Wings did last night. The sports ticker at the bottom of the screen had run through all the other NHL games from last night. Just as the Wings score was about to appear, the show cut to commercial, thus killing the sports ticker from the screen. So, I had to wait to cycle through the entire scores/news reel, only to find out that the Wings lost. Man, was I angry that I had to wait that long to find out bad news.
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There's nothing like the smell of burnt popcorn permeating through the office.
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I did not realize that it has been this long since I last blogged. But, for those of you who visit this site (all three of you), you should be used to it.
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:: March 27, 2003 ::
Blogging two days in a row, this is unprecedented for me in recent weeks.

I have decided to use a new motto for work (in regard to how I feel when I leave my constant customer meetings): "Be nice to me. I gave blood today."
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:: March 26, 2003 ::
As I read today's column of Bill Simmons, I am reminded of his brilliant humor. Plus, he made comments on Jennifer Garner ("Someone this hot should have been famous much sooner."). Look at the picture and you will understand.
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I've decided, I need more sleep. Does anyone know where I can get some?
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Here's my bi-monthly blog...
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:: March 11, 2003 ::
Over the weekend, I rented The Ring. I wouldn't rank it as the greatest suspense movie of all time, but it was not bad. I enjoyed it.
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In the spirit of John's car accident story, here is one of my own. Last week, traffic was stopped on I-696. As I sat there, waiting for traffic to start moving again, I felt a tap from the car behind. It was a Mustang that tapped me. However, no damage was done to either of our cars. I was fairly surprised by this. I just that I need to stop calling my car an Es-scrap. (OK, so it's not much of a story, but at least I'm blogging again).
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Welcome, Matthieu Schneider, to Detroit. You score a goal against the Wings, then get rewarded by being traded to the team you scored against. Talk about karma...
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